In Memory Of Our Beloved Vesna

On March 12, 2014,  Vesna Heinze passed away at the John Muir Hospital in Walnut Creek, CA, at the young age of 46.
Beloved Wife of Matthias Heinze and cherished mother to 5 children, Hannah (25), Heike (23), Helena (15), Heidi (13), Hristina (9), sister to her brother Srdja and sister Mira. Her incomparable smile is greatly missed by all that were blessed to have known her.

Her grave is located in Germany next to her father in law she loved so much, in the shadow of trees, a stones throw from the “sleep house” as she called it.  Every once in a while it is watered by our tears of sorrow. She never left Europe and never will.

Good bye my love, travel safely.

4 thoughts on “In Memory Of Our Beloved Vesna”

  1. I’m deeply saddened by this news of Vesna’s passing and for the children and husband she left behind. What a tragedy to lose her at such an early age. My deep condolences to her loved ones and especially to her immediate family, Olga and Ranka who are here in the U.S..

  2. Was fuer ein Schock!!! Wir hatten ja keine Ahnung. Wir denken an euch, Matthias, Heidi, Hristina und Helena. Moegt ihr alle die Kraft finden, so einen schweren Schlag zu ueberstehen. Alles Liebe aus Panama. Ken, Paula und unser Toechterlein Sofia.

  3. Wir senden unser tiefes Beileid, wir sind traurig und fassungslos und in Gedanken bei Euch. Yumi, mit Jeff und Sam

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