Vesna and Matthias – a picture worth thousand words.

This site was created to commemorate Vesna’s life, her legacy and  the thoughts and feelings that carry to the beyond.

Vesna brightened our life,  she had the magical quality, an aura,  to radiate into every heart. I, as her husband, experienced a unique heavenly marriage, true bliss. Our love never wavered and transcends the distance now between us, we remain one.  A friend told me, that we we had a marriage so beautiful, it occurs only once in a thousand.
Vesna wrote: “my marriage is a fairy tale” and so it was.
As a loving wife, mother, sister and friend Vesna stays in our hearts forever. We are sad but also immensely thankful to have been touched by this most beautiful of souls.

Vesna was filled with  love and laughter, she was smart, caring and compassionate.  Most of all, she loved me, her children and her family in the US, Montenegro and Germany.  Whoever I talk to and whoever I meet that knew her, they all told the same story:  she talked about us, her family, how much she loved us, how happy she was.
Every day with Vesna had a happy ending, save one, the day when the messenger of death arrived, the day of the rat.
Time has passed but she has not aged, we have. She is with me and us every day, we long to have her with us. Our memory may fade, but we will never forget how we felt around her, the utter bliss that came with her presence. We feel how all worries were washed away when she smiled and held us, happy, under her magic spell.

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